Why biomass?

Sustainably produced biomass is a renewable source of energy. It is an important resource for the replacement of fossil fuels and, therefore, a key element in the fight against climate change. Biomass is derived from several sources but, principally, from forest residues, agricultural residues and dedicated plantations. Forest residues are available for delivery on short notice, while energy crop plantations will offer a low cost and competitive solution for the delivery of larger volumes in the long term.

FBR is building a balanced biomass supply chain integrated into the traditional forest and farmland operations. The entire business model is based on managing forests and farmland, essential natural resources, without jeopardizing their long-term environmental and economic value.

FBR has developed a unique competence in biomass energy crop plantations through the testing of over 70 varieties of plants and multiple planting methods.

The company is ready to sign long-term supply agreements with industrial users.
If you are interested in biomass, please call the following number +352.691.331.181